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Hi There. I’m Rakhee
Your Personal Nutritionist & Health Mentor

My quest for a healthy life has turned me into a specialist, just to help you. I am born and brought up in Aamchi Mumbai. My story of being health conscious started in my childhood when my karate instructor advised me to enrich my diet. This advice triggered my parents to start the mission of “healthy food only” at my home. Way back then I realized minimal upbeat changes in my intake have strengthened my stamina and energy. My zest for health and diet motivated me to become a professional Nutritionist.

My Three Convictions For Healthy Life

Ritual Of Loving Yourself

Do you truly love yourself? A wholesome diet and exercise are the first two principles of self-love! It doesn’t mean you need to be harsh with yourself. You have to be your own inspiration every day. Check your health and make positive changes every moment. You have to follow this ritual with goodwill and without being troublesome.

Drive Your Story

There is no magical formula for a healthy body and mind. You are the key player and the spectator of your body story. It is you who have to live with your healthy vibes for the rest of your life. So take it slow and let your understanding make the decision for your body.

Small Wins Every Day

A drastic change, all at once is not the right prescription. Heading straight from bed to battle of a marathon can be a terrible experience physically and emotionally. It is always better to start with simple strategies and wins every day. At the end of the day, you should feel positive and thrilled about yourself.

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Corporate Sessions

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